$39 per device | Affordable Computer service for Chiropractors

Computer is a big part of our work life. We use it for communication, data processing, advertising and moreā€¦ Little issues can be very annoying. Your computers, network and server needs to be well maintained to prevent hardware and software issues before they happens.

With 15 years end user support experience, we provide most responsible, reliable, fastest and affordable IT service for chiropractors. Yes chiropractors. We do have experience with Chirotouch, Eclipse and more.

What we can do? We can get backup of your chirotouch/eclipse,ezbis,platinum data, installing updates, even reinstall them on your server.

Why you should work with us?

  • 15 minutes response time
  • Chirotouch and Eclipse experience
  • Security Bundle: Firewall, antivirus, data backup
  • Clear pricing, no hidden fees
  • Support for Server, Workstation, Network, Phone System and Web
  • Free Offsite System Backup

Work From Home Tools

With our firewall you will be able to remote in to your office computers, printers, servers anytime, anywhere without paying any additional money. No Third-party tools needed.

Data Backup

If you have sensitive data like patient files, accounting etc you have to have data backup to prevent data loss. Most of antivirus softwares are useless. We take your data security serious and do local and offside backups weekly.


We ll install antivirus to protect your computer.

$39 / device


Compotus IT Solutions
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2111 Wilson Boulevard, Ste. 700,
Arlington, VA 22201