Linux Server

Based in the US, our team of Linux experts help you manage your infrastructure with 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of your Linux environment. We help you solve existing issues, identify weaknesses in your infrastructure, provide patch management, 24×7 monitoring, all while automating your operations.


$149 / server

Are you facing a Linux emergency?

Our Compotus engineers are on-call and available around the clock. With more than 15 years of experience of working with Linux, we can provide support for most Open Source software and systems 24/7/365 for managed service clients.

We are Linux server consultants and system administrators that can get you out of server trouble, prevent frequent server issues, bugs slipping into production websites, improve time consuming code deployments, and handle complicated server migrations with ease.

We love playing in the sandbox of the Linux and Open Source world. From coding to databases to hardware to advanced networking, we get the variety of work we crave. Things are constantly evolving, which keeps us on our toes and forces us to embrace challenges, be open to change, and continuously innovate.

Areas of expertise

  • Cloud architecture (AWS, Azure, Google Compute, Openstack)
  • Automation (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform)
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Designing and implementing secure architectures
  • High availability design
  • Haproxy, Apache, Nginx
  • MySQL,  PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, & Oracle
  • Ruby, Python, Golang, PHP, & Java
  • cPanel, & Plesk

Service Overview

  • 24×7 monitoring and response to outages
  • Operating system maintenance, security patches and updates, and troubleshooting of supported services
  • General system monitoring and metrics (CPU, disk, memory, load, etc.)
  • External service availability monitoring
  • Offsite backup management – install, manage and monitor Customer or MNX based backup solution.
  • Initial security assessment, and ongoing security scanning.
  • and more..

If you are running Linux® systems, you should be working with Compotus Technologies. We offer a complete portfolio of Linux Server Support Services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

You will be provided with a dedicated Linux specialist who will take time to fully understand your environment, the applications you are running and the demands of your business. Whether you require 24 x 7 cover or business hours cover, we can accommodate your needs.

In the event of a problem arising, your IT team will have immediate access to our expert engineers, who will diagnose and resolve the issue quickly and with minimum impact upon your operations.

Our Linux specialists have over 100 years combined Linux and UNIX® experience, so you are in good hands.

Linux offers the best balance of cutting edge server technology and low TCO. However, all that savings come to a naught if you spend your time troubleshooting server issues or chasing security advisories. How can you focus on your business, without compromising on service quality? Compotus can help.

  • Unlimited servers supported*
  • 24/7 server monitoring & rescue
  • 15 mins response to alerts
  • Security monitoring
  • Initial system tuning & hardening
  • Regular server updates
  • 911 patching
  • Backup monitoring & audits
  • Security audits & hardening
  • Performance tuning
  • Hardware fault resolution
  • Website monitoring & rescue
  • 24/7 on-demand support
  • Infrastructure design & setup
  • Website maintenance
  • Small website fixes
  • Server/App migrations
  • Mail error fixes
  • SSL setup & renewals
  • Server user management
  • Cluster / LB maintenance


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